Financial Advisory

When it’s time to realize on those years of hard work, we can help you maximize your return. From business valuation through prospecting for buyers and preparing the company for sale, we can ensure that you present your business in the best possible light. We will be actively involved in structuring both the financing and tax aspects of the transaction. We can also assist in negotiations with prospective buyers.

  • Acquisition We will work with you to identify potential acquisitions, conduct due diligence, participate in negotiations and structuring and assist in sourcing funds to complete the deal.
  • Valuations We provide valuation services for business interests relating to ownership succession, public transactions, shareholder disputes, estate planning, and income tax.
  • Capital Requirements & Restructuring – Whether you’re looking to maximize cash fl ow, renegotiate your bank credit facility, reorganize your corporation, fi nd an optional capital structure or raise additional capital through private placements, initial public offerings, or reverse mergers, our experienced professionals will work alongside you to achieve your personal and corporate goals.